Automates email sorting, sets reminders, tracks open rates, and more.

April 30, 2023


$ 30


It automates email sorting based on behavioral patterns, provides reminder functionalities, and includes additional tools like open rate tracking and an undo send feature.

Highlight Features:

Behavioral Pattern Sorting:

It utilizes AI technology to automatically sort important emails based on your behavioral patterns.

Reminders and Accountability:

Stay on top of your tasks and commitments with Superhuman’s reminder feature.

Open Rate Tracker:

With the open rate tracker, it provides insights into the engagement of your sent emails.

Undo Send:

We all make mistakes in our emails, but Superhuman has you covered with its undo send feature.

Ideal Use:

Busy Professionals:

It is a game-changer for busy professionals who receive a high volume of emails daily.

Productivity Enthusiasts:

If you strive for optimal productivity, Superhuman’s reminder feature will be your ally.

Email Analytics Seekers:

For individuals who value email analytics, the open rate tracker in it provides valuable insights.


Superhuman empowers users with its AI-powered email inbox, offering advanced features that streamline email management and boost productivity. The behavioral pattern sorting ensures important messages are prioritized, the reminder feature helps you stay on top of tasks, the open rate tracker provides insights into email engagement, and the undo send feature safeguards against mistakes.

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