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Generate personalized cold emails and LinkedIn messages.

April 30, 2023


$ 24



With just one click, users can generate personalized cold emails and LinkedIn messages, leading to up to 6X higher response rates.

Key Features:

Instant LinkedIn Profile Analysis:

It instantly analyzes LinkedIn profiles, providing valuable insights for your cold outreach.

Custom AI Training:

With the standard and pro packages, you can train the AI to align with your brand’s voice.

B2B Community Integration:

It includes a built-in B2B community, providing a platform for engagement and learning.

LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Compatibility:

It seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator leads, making it easy to personalize your outreach and connect with potential clients directly on the platform.

Use Cases:

Personalized LinkedIn Prospecting:

Elevate your LinkedIn prospecting with personalized messages that stand out from generic outreach. Outboundly’s AI-powered approach helps you make a lasting impression on your prospects.

AI-Powered Cold Emails:

Generate cold emails that are both effective and engaging with its AI assistance. Improve response rates and drive meaningful interactions with prospects.

Engage and Learn in the B2B Community:

Leverage the built-in B2B community to engage with other salespeople, share experiences, and learn from industry experts. Maximize your potential with its collaborative environment.


Outboundly empowers you with AI-powered personalization, making your cold outreach more effective than ever before.  Embrace the power of it and elevate your cold outreach game.

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