Embrace the future of email management and elevate your efficiency to new heights.

July 16, 2023


$ 20


It empowers users to respond to emails at lightning speed, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Highlight Features:

  • Email Consolidation: Simplify your email management with its unified inbox, allowing you to view and respond to all your emails on one screen.
  • Templates and ChatGPT: Enhance your email responses using pre-built templates or leverage the power of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that assists in composing professional and efficient email replies.
  • Advanced Email Marketing Features: Unleash the full potential of your email campaigns with that. Break Gmail’s sending limits, perform mail merges, access comprehensive campaign analytics, and personalize emails using conditional logic.
  • Automated Follow-ups and Scheduling: Boost response rates and engagement with automated follow-up sequences.

Ideal Use:

  • Efficient Email Management: Streamline your email responses and avoid inbox clutter with GMass, ensuring no message goes unanswered.
  • Optimized Email Marketing: Supercharge your email campaigns by tracking performance, personalizing messages, and maximizing impact for optimal results.
  • Various Industries: It caters to diverse industries such as political campaigns, sports clubs, education, real estate, internal communications, and more.


With GMass, responding to emails has never been faster or more effective. Consolidate all your emails onto one screen for seamless management and utilize pre-built templates or the AI-powered ChatGPT to compose professional and efficient responses. The advanced email marketing features empower you to break Gmail’s sending limits, personalize campaigns, and boost engagement with automated follow-ups.

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