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broadn ai

AI to create exclusive, individualized courses aligned with unique learning styles.

June 16, 2023



It is an innovative learning platform that prioritizes personalized education by leveraging generative AI to create exclusive, individualized courses aligned with unique learning styles. It encompasses several key features and advantages, including:

  1. AI-driven personalization: Harnessing the power of machine learning and natural language processing, Broadn tailors content to meet the specific needs and preferences of each learner, optimizing the learning experience.
  2. Expert opinions: Gain access to topical searches and expert insights presented in the form of conversations, enabling learners to delve deeper into subjects and benefit from authoritative perspectives.
  3. Cohort-based learning: Departing from the traditional self-paced learning approach, Broadn fosters a more personalized experience by facilitating cohort-based learning, fostering collaboration and engagement among learners.


  1. Students seeking a customized learning journey that aligns with their interests and individual learning styles, promoting a more engaging and effective educational experience.
  2. Professionals aiming to expand their knowledge and expertise in specific subjects, leveraging expert insights to gain deeper insights and stay at the forefront of their respective fields.
  3. Lifelong learners dedicated to continuous growth and seeking a more dynamic and fruitful learning process that adapts to their changing needs and preferences.

With its limited beta set for January 2023 and positive feedback from users, Broadn stands as a promising platform offering an enjoyable, personalized, and effective alternative to traditional learning methods.

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