Automates email writing with AI, so you can focus on what matters.

April 30, 2023




AI-driven email writing assistant extension for Chrome, powered by ChatGPT. This powerful tool revolutionizes the email writing process by leveraging AI automation and personalization. With features such as AI-powered automation, personalized writing, grammar and spelling correction, email templates, and one-click drafting, it enhances email efficiency and productivity.

Highlight Features

  1. Powered Automation: It’s AI capabilities enable users to compose and reply to emails quickly and efficiently. The tool automates repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and effort in the email writing process.
  2. Personalized Writing: Users can generate professional emails that reflect their own tone and style. The AI-powered assistant analyzes user input and suggests personalized content, ensuring a more authentic and engaging communication style.
  3. Grammar and Spelling Correction: GhostWrite includes a built-in grammar and spelling correction feature. It helps users ensure their emails are polished and error-free, enhancing the overall quality of their communication.
  4. Email Templates: The tool allows users to save and reuse AI-generated email templates. This feature streamlines future email composition by providing a library of pre-written templates that can be easily customized and adapted as needed.
  5. One-Click Drafting: It simplifies the process of drafting full-length email replies. With just one click, users can automatically generate comprehensive responses, saving time and effort in crafting well-rounded email messages.

Ideal Use

  1. Business Professionals: GhostWrite is perfect for business professionals who rely heavily on email communication. It helps streamline the writing process, enabling them to compose and reply to emails quickly and effectively, ultimately improving overall email efficiency.
  2. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: Maintaining a polished and personalized communication style is essential for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It enables them to consistently deliver professional emails with their unique tone, ensuring effective communication with clients and stakeholders.
  3. Individuals Seeking Time Savings: It is a valuable tool for individuals who want to save time and effort when composing emails. By automating repetitive tasks and providing customizable templates, the tool streamlines the writing process, allowing users to focus on other important tasks.


GhostWrite offers a comprehensive suite of AI email tools that enhance the email writing process. With AI-powered automation, personalized writing suggestions, grammar and spelling correction, email templates, and one-click drafting, empowers professionals to improve email efficiency and productivity. By streamlining the writing process and ensuring polished communication, it simplifies email communication, making it easier and more efficient for users across various industries.

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