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Generate high quality email lists based on your competitors

April 30, 2023



Email lead generation platform that offers businesses effective and high-quality leads to drive conversions. With its advanced AI technology, It scans social media platforms on a daily basis to identify new followers and discover their email addresses. Unlike some competitors, employs multiple methods, including behavioral analysis, IP address analysis, and content analysis, to filter out bot accounts, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the generated data.

Highlight Features:

  1. AI-Powered Lead Generation: Stride leverages AI technology to identify new followers on social media platforms and extract their email addresses. This automated process saves time and resources while providing businesses with valuable leads.
  2. Data Accuracy and Trustworthiness: By utilizing various analysis methods, ensures the accuracy and trustworthiness of the generated leads. Bot accounts are filtered out, ensuring that businesses receive reliable and relevant data.
  3. CSV File Format: Provides email lists in CSV file format, which can be easily imported into popular email marketing software or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This seamless integration allows for efficient management and utilization of the generated leads.
  4. Scanner Tool: Stride offers a scanner tool that captures email addresses of new followers in real-time as they start following the targeted profile. This tool enables businesses to promptly reach out to potential leads and maximize conversion opportunities.
  5. Audit Tool: In addition to the scanner tool, provides an audit tool that generates large email lists from the current followers of a social media page. This allows businesses to expand their reach and target a broader audience for their marketing efforts.

Ideal Use

  1. E-commerce Sales: Stride helps e-commerce businesses generate high-quality leads for their sales efforts, allowing them to reach out to potential customers and increase conversions.
  2. Newsletter Building: By providing accurate email lists, it enables businesses to build targeted newsletters and engage with their audience effectively.
  3. Event Planning: Assists event planners in reaching out to potential attendees and sponsors by generating leads interested in relevant events.
  4. Cryptocurrency Projects: Stride aids cryptocurrency projects in building their subscriber base and reaching potential investors or supporters.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: It supports affiliate marketers by providing quality leads for promoting products or services and driving affiliate revenue.
  6. High-Risk Industries: It’s accurate and trustworthy leads can benefit businesses operating in high-risk industries, helping them target potential customers and expand their reach.
  7. Digital Services and Personal Branding: Facilitates digital service providers and individuals in building their client base and enhancing their personal branding efforts.


Stride is an AI-powered email lead generation platform that utilizes advanced technology to deliver effective and high-quality leads for businesses. By scanning social media platforms and employing various analysis methods, It ensures the accuracy and trustworthiness of the generated data. With its scanner and audit tools, businesses can capture new followers’ email addresses in real-time and generate extensive email lists from existing followers. It proves beneficial for e-commerce sales, newsletter building, event planning, cryptocurrency projects, affiliate marketing, high-risk industries, digital services, and personal branding.

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