ChatGPT Writer


Generate emails/replies based on keywords, easy to use

April 30, 2023


ChatGPT Writer

Alows users to effortlessly generate high-quality content, making communication more efficient and effective.

AI-generated content:

It leverages advanced AI technology to compose entire emails and messages quickly.


Rest assured knowing that it prioritizes your privacy. The extension does not include any ads, cookies, or third-party trackers, ensuring a secure and private writing experience.


ChatGPT Writer seamlessly integrates with Chromium-based browsers, providing compatibility across popular platforms.

Language Support:

It supports a wide range of popular languages, catering to multilingual users. Whether you need assistance in composing emails or messages in different languages, this tool has got you covered.

Ideal Use:


Whether you’re a busy executive, sales representative, or freelancer, this extension can save you time and assist you in crafting well-written communications.

Individuals Seeking Privacy:

For individuals concerned about privacy, ChatGPT Writer is an excellent choice.

Multilingual Users:

It is ideal for multilingual users who require language support in their communications.


ChatGPT Writer is a convenient and powerful Chrome extension that harnesses the capabilities of AI technology for efficient email and message composition. With its AI-generated content, privacy-friendly approach, and compatibility with popular browsers, this tool enhances your writing experience.

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