Top 10 Free AI Tools For Teachers

These are the top 10 free artificial intelligence resources for educators. Every single instrument has unique characteristics that may be used to enhance teaching tactics. The educational experiences of both students and instructors should be improved.

1. QuillBot

QuillBot offers support to educators who want to become better writers. It aids in the generation of content in addition to fixing grammatical and syntactic problems. Teachers get ideas about different ways to phrase phrases or paragraphs they write. For creating worksheets, evaluations, and lesson plans, this function is especially helpful.

2. PowerPoint Speaker Coach

This technology revolutionises educational presentations. The Speaker Coach offers feedback on pace, tone, and intelligibility by studying speech patterns in PowerPoint presentations. By receiving feedback, teachers may improve their teaching methods and maintain the attention of students.

3. ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint AI improves PowerPoint presentations by including interactive elements. This approach seamlessly integrates quizzes and questions into presentations, captivating and engaging students. Teachers may customise questions to make the presentation of information more captivating for instructional purposes.

4. SlideAI

SlideAI streamlines the task of generating intricate presentations. This AI programme utilises textual content to create well-crafted presentations, including both layout design and visual elements. SlideAI’s templates and themes enable instructors to customise the appearance and content of their presentations.

5. Education CoPilot

Education CoPilot many functionalities streamline the process of class planning. A lesson planner powered by artificial intelligence generates captivating lessons spanning several disciplines and topics. Teacher handouts and time-saving technologies may enhance classroom efficiency.

6. Formative AI

Formative AI enables prompt delivery of personalised feedback to students. Analysing student work in real-time allows for the identification of both the strengths and weaknesses of teaching methods. Teachers may fulfil student requirements and facilitate success by providing tailored comments and insights.

7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT serves as a virtual assistant to aid instructors in various educational duties. ChatGPT streamlines administrative tasks such as answering student inquiries and generating lesson plans and assignments, enabling instructors to focus on teaching and fostering student participation.

8. Yippity

Interactive quizzes facilitate and improve the process of learning. Yippity generates interactive queries based on written or online content, aiding students in their learning and retention. The user-friendly interface allows instructors to create quizzes as a supplementary tool for their classes.

9. Perplexity

Delve deeper into complex topics with Perplexity, an AI chatbot designed to provide detailed explanations and resources. By answering user inquiries conversationally and offering relevant citations, Perplexity enriches classroom discussions and expands students’ understanding of subject matter.

10. Grammarly

The use of Grammarly guarantees the production of written material that is proficiently prepared and polished. The grammatical precision of writing is not the only thing that this tool powered by AI improves. Grammarly is able to enhance lesson plans, projects, and reports by doing full assessments for spelling, punctuation, style, and tone throughout the writing process. By using technology in an appropriate manner and having a comprehensive awareness of the capabilities of each artificial intelligence instrument, teachers have the ability to maximise the learning of their students.