Zombie Incubator


It brings your wildest zombie-themed visions to life.

January 26, 2024


 Zombie Incubator

A groundbreaking GPT developed by GROOVIZ SRL that brings your wildest zombie-themed visions to life. It’s an interactive space where users collaborate with AI to refine and shape zombified scenarios.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Zombification:

It employs powerful AI to create and manipulate zombified visuals. Users can share images or ideas and collaborate with the AI to refine and enhance their creations.

Interactive Collaboration:

Unlike traditional image-generation tools, it goes beyond passive content creation. It invites users to actively engage with the AI, allowing for real-time collaboration in refining and crafting zombie-themed visuals.

Diverse Scenarios:

Users can explore a multitude of scenarios, from designing a zombie-infested city to visualizing a survivor navigating a post-apocalyptic world.

Image and Text Inputs:

The Zombie Incubator accommodates both image and text inputs, providing users with multiple ways to express their ideas.

Ideal Uses

Entertainment Platforms:

It is an ideal addition to entertainment platforms, offering users a unique and engaging way to interact with zombie-themed content.

Social Media Engagement:

Social media platforms can leverage the Zombie Incubator to create viral challenges or interactive campaigns. Users can share their zombified creations, driving engagement and sparking conversations around creative and imaginative content.

Creative Collaborations:

Artists, designers, and content creators can utilize AI for collaborative projects. Whether working on a graphic novel, game design, or multimedia project, the tool adds an innovative dimension to creative collaborations.

Educational Platforms:

It can find applications in educational settings, allowing students to explore creativity, storytelling, and visual communication.


The Zombie Incubator is an immersive experience that transforms users into co-creators of captivating zombified visuals. With its AI-powered capabilities and interactive collaboration features, the it is poised to leave a lasting impact across various platforms and industries.

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