AI designed to streamline your workflow and enhance accessibility for your audience.

May 18, 2023



It is an exceptional captioning tool designed to streamline your workflow and enhance accessibility for your audience.

Key Features:

  1. Auto-Generation of Captions: It offers an efficient and time-saving solution by automatically generating captions for your videos.
  2. Translation in 17 Languages: With Zeemo, you can easily expand your reach by translating your captions into 17 different languages.
  3. State-of-the-Art Accuracy: It leverages advanced technology to provide precise and reliable captioning. Its state-of-the-art algorithms ensure that your captions accurately reflect the spoken content.

Use Cases:

  1. Create and Edit Captions: It makes it easy to create and edit captions for your videos. With its auto-generation capabilities, you can quickly generate captions and fine-tune them to match your desired style and timing.
  2. Expand Your Audience: By translating your captions into multiple languages, Zeemo helps you reach a broader audience.
  3. Ensure Accurate Captioning: It advanced technology ensures high accuracy in captioning. You can rely on its precise transcription and timing to deliver captions that align perfectly with the spoken content in your videos.


Zeemo is the ultimate captioning tool for talking videos, providing auto-generation capabilities, multilingual support, state-of-the-art accuracy, and improved accessibility

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