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Simplifying the conversion of JSON data into Swift models.

October 29, 2023

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$ 10.0


It is an AI-powered Xcode plugin designed to assist Swift developers by offering code suggestions and simplifying the conversion of JSON data into Swift models.


  1. AI-Powered Code Suggestions: The plugin provides intelligent code suggestions to boost productivity and enhance code quality.
  2. JSON to Swift Model Conversion: It streamlines the process of converting JSON data into Swift models.
  3. Seamless Xcode Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates into the Xcode development environment.
  4. Intuitive API Key Management: It includes an intuitive macOS app for managing ChatGPT API keys. .

Ideal Use:

  1. App Development: Swift developers working on iOS, macOS, watchOS, or tvOS applications can leverage XcodeChatGPT to accelerate development.
  2. JSON Data Handling: Developers dealing with JSON data can benefit from the plugin’s efficient conversion of JSON data into Swift models.
  3. Productivity Enhancement: It is a valuable tool for boosting productivity by providing AI-powered code suggestions.
  4. Streamlining Development Workflows: The plugin simplifies repetitive tasks and allows developers to focus on building feature-rich.


Please note that to use XcodeChatGPT, developers must have a paid subscription to the ChatGPT API key. The plugin offers Swift developers the advantages of AI-powered coding assistance, enabling them to enhance their development processes and achieve higher productivity and code quality.

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