Website Tech Stack Detective


Unveil the technological architecture of any website.

January 15, 2024


Website Tech Stack Detective

This powerful tool is designed to unveil the technological architecture of any website, providing users with valuable insights into the underlying tech stack.


Tech Stack Identification:

Utilizing advanced AI capabilities, this GPT excels in identifying the technology stack of websites. Users can ask questions such as ‘What cloud provider does Netflix use?’ or ‘What CMS is The Boston Globe using?’ to receive comprehensive information about a website’s technical infrastructure.

Cloud Provider Information:

Discover the cloud provider used by a particular website, gaining insights into their hosting infrastructure.

Email Provider Insights:

Uncover the email provider utilized by a website, Website Tech Stack Detective providing valuable information about their communication infrastructure.

CMS Identification:

Find out the Content Management System (CMS) employed by a website, helping users understand the platform’s content creation and management approach.

User-Friendly Interaction:

Engage with the GPT through prompt starters to initiate conversations about any website’s technology. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience.

Ideal Uses

Technology Startups:

Gain insights into the tech stacks of successful platforms, helping startups align their technology choices with industry best practices.

IT Consultancies:

Website Tech Stack Detective provide clients with detailed reports on the technology infrastructure of their websites, offering valuable recommendations for improvements.

Competitor Analysis Tools:

For Enhance the functionality of competitor analysis tools by incorporating real-time technology stack insights into their reports.

Training and Learning Platforms:

Include AI in courses related to web development, providing students with practical insights into real-world tech stacks.


The Website Tech Stack Detective serves as a versatile tool applicable across various platforms and industries, empowering users with valuable information about the technology behind websites. Its broad applications make it an indispensable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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