Elevate online video streaming via real-time face beautification.

January 12, 2024



This innovative tool elevates the video streaming experience by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence technologies directly into your browser.


Smoothness and Beautification:

The plugin introduces real-time face beautification, eliminating imperfections such as acne and eye bags while smoothing the skin for a polished appearance.

Layout Customization:

Users have the flexibility to customize the layout of their video frame. This feature enables the streaming of useful information alongside the video feed, allowing users to control the location of their face for a more engaging and interactive experience.

Boundary Control:

The plugin provides users with control over their boundary, allowing adjustments to the tool’s behavior to suit specific preferences.

Background Blur:

Webcameffects users can fine-tune the level of blur according to their preferences, adding a touch of professionalism to their video calls while maintaining privacy by filtering out unwanted elements.

Background Replacement:

Elevate creativity and fun during video communication by replacing the background with custom images or videos at runtime.

Ideal Uses

For Remote Work Platforms:

Professionals engaged in remote work can use the plugin to maintain a professional appearance during video conferences.

For Online Education Platforms:

Teachers and educators can Webcameffects the layout customization feature to stream additional information alongside their video feed, creating a more interactive and engaging virtual classroom environment.

For Video Conferencing Platforms:

Business professionals can benefit from the privacy and professionalism provided by the plugin during video meetings. The AI-enhanced features contribute to a visually appealing and distraction-free background.

For Content Creators:

YouTubers, streamers, and content creators can use the plugin to enhance the visual quality of their videos. The background replacement feature adds a creative element, allowing for a personalized and dynamic video presentation.


Webcameffects is a user-friendly and versatile tool designed to empower individuals across various platforms and industries. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, it brings a new level of customization and enhancement to online video streaming, contributing to professional, attractive, and engaging virtual interactions.

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