Caters home services business operations, from online bookings and workforce scheduling.

January 19, 2024



The modern home services business platform designed to revolutionize operations and streamline processes for service businesses.


Online Booking:

Customers can easily make bookings, and the platform’s AI-driven workforce scheduling ensures efficient management of schedules, minimizing the risk of missed appointments.

Workforce Scheduling:

The platform’s AI-driven scheduling system optimizes workforce management. It intelligently integrates online bookings, ensuring businesses can efficiently organize their schedules and provide timely services.


It replaces complex spreadsheets with a single-app solution, simplifying various business operations and making it easy for users to navigate.

Insights and Analytics:

It provides valuable insights and analytics to help businesses gain a better understanding of their operations.

Marketing Automation:

Wattle automates marketing efforts by allowing businesses to promote services directly on customers’ phones. This eliminates the need for traditional paper-based advertising methods, providing a modern and efficient approach to marketing.

Ideal Uses

Home Services Businesses:

It is tailor-made for home services businesses, offering a comprehensive solution for managing operations, scheduling, and customer engagement.

Service Industry Platforms:

Integrate AI into service industry platforms to enhance customer experience, streamline processes, and optimize workforce scheduling.

Startups and Small Businesses:

Wattle is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses in the home services sector, providing an all-in-one solution to simplify operations and foster growth.

Mobile Service Providers:

Mobile service providers, such as maintenance and repair professionals, can leverage AI to streamline their services, manage appointments, and engage with customers.

Franchise Businesses:

It can be incorporated into franchise businesses within the home services industry, offering a standardized and efficient approach to operations and customer management.


Wattle emerges as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that transforms home services business operations. From online bookings and workforce scheduling to marketing automation and customer engagement, it caters to the evolving needs of service businesses, providing a modern and streamlined solution for success.

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