Transform workplace safety in industries prone to hazards.

January 22, 2024



It is designed to transform workplace safety in industries prone to hazards such as construction, oil & gas, smart cities, manufacturing, and mining.


Centralized Management Platform (viHUB):

The platform allows stakeholders to digitally monitor site safety performance. It enables the response, management, and recording of insights captured by AI cameras and/or IoT devices.

Digitalized Permit-to-Work System:

viAct’s system offers an online application, issuance, and tracking of permits through mobile devices. This feature streamlines the permit-to-work process, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

AI Safety System:

The system employs AI video analytics to detect and alert unsafe acts and dangerous situations in confined spaces and mobile plant operation danger zones.

Virtual Reality Safety Training:

It incorporates virtual reality technology for safety training. This immersive training approach prepares workers for real-life scenarios, enhancing their awareness and responsiveness to potential risks.

Powerful Data Analytics:

ViAct provides detailed insights through data analytics, helping organizations identify trends, assess safety performance, and implement targeted improvements.

Ideal Uses

Construction Industry:

It is tailored for construction sites, offering real-time safety monitoring, permit management, and virtual reality safety training.

Oil & Gas Sector:

In the oil & gas industry, it ensures safety in complex and hazardous environments. It monitors confined spaces, controls danger zone access, and provides a digitalized permit-to-work system, reducing the risk of accidents.

Smart Cities Development:

For smart cities, viAct contributes to the safety of infrastructure projects. It aids in monitoring and managing safety aspects efficiently, supporting the development of smart and secure urban spaces.

Manufacturing Facilities:

In manufacturing, it enhances operational efficiency by providing a comprehensive safety monitoring system. It aids in the digitization of safety processes, reducing incidents and downtime.

Mining Operations:

It’s safety solutions are crucial for mining operations where hazardous conditions are prevalent. The system helps monitor and mitigate risks, ensuring the well-being of workers and preventing accidents.


viAct’s Smart Site Safety System represents a paradigm shift in workplace safety, offering an integrated AI-powered solution for various industries, enhancing safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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