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Transforming Slack into a Seamless Customer Support Hub

September 25, 2023


$ 75.0


A revolutionary AI-powered support tool designed to reshape customer support workflows within Slack, elevating your ability to deliver exceptional service and prompt resolutions.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  1. Seamless Slack Integration: Unthread seamlessly operates within Slack, offering a cohesive and familiar environment for your support teams.
  2. Ticket Generation: Convert support requests into prioritized tickets with assignments and SLAs, streamlining tracking and organization.
  3. Automated Assignment: It automatically assigns ownership of incoming messages, ensuring accountability and efficient handling.
  4. Faster Responses: Prioritize and categorize messages, empowering support reps to address critical queries promptly.
  5. Collaborative Resolution: Collaborate with colleagues within Slack to resolve issues collaboratively and escalate when necessary.


Unthread is the ultimate solution to transform Slack into a potent customer support platform. With its AI-powered capabilities, ticket prioritization, and collaborative features, It ensures efficient support workflows and timely issue resolutions. Simplify customer support within Slack and provide exceptional service with that.

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