With Typpo, you can effortlessly create engaging videos in seconds.

May 18, 2023



It is an AI-powered mobile application that allows users to create engaging videos in seconds by simply speaking into their phone


  1. Advanced AI technology: It utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to transform users’ spoken words into visually stunning animations for video creation.
  2. Voice-powered design: It is the first design tool in the market that is powered by voice, allowing users to create videos simply by speaking into their phone.
  3. Fast motion design: Typpo boasts impressive speed, making it the fastest motion design tool ever built, enabling quick and efficient video creation.
  4. Endless branded messages for free: Users can generate an unlimited number of branded messages without the need to pay for ads, ensuring cost-effective and targeted communication.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Social media content creation: It is ideal for users who want to produce engaging and eye-catching videos for their social media channels, captivating their audience with visually appealing animations.
  2. Personalized video messaging: Individuals can use Typpo to send personalized video messages to friends and family, adding a creative touch to their communications.
  3. Branded messaging for businesses: It empowers businesses to create branded messages and promotional videos for free, eliminating the need for costly advertising campaigns.
  4. Quick content generation: Content creators, marketers, and influencers can take advantage of It’s fast motion design capabilities to generate content efficiently and meet tight deadlines.


Typpo’s advanced AI technology, voice-powered design, fast motion capabilities, and ability to create endless branded messages for free make it an efficient and user-friendly tool for creating engaging videos in various contexts, including social media, personal messaging, and business communications.

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