Voice-assisted meeting preparation and content generation.

October 28, 2023


$ 15


It aims to accelerate innovation in clean energy storage and foster collaboration in the industry.


  1. Document-Based Answers: Users can upload documents, and it provides answers based on the data provided.
  2. Voice Assistant for Meeting Prep: Offers on-the-go meeting preparation through a voice assistant, helping users get ready for meetings quickly.
  3. Structured Content Generation: Telborg generates structured, accurate, and meaningful inputs for client deliverables.
  4. Expert Interaction: Users can ask questions and seek help from energy experts, fostering a collaborative environment.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Climate and Energy Professionals: Tailored for professionals in the climate and energy industry, including green tech investors.
  2. Meeting Preparation: Useful for quick and effective meeting preparation through voice assistance.
  3. Content Generation: Professionals can utilize AI to generate structured content for client deliverables.


Telborg is an AI tool designed to support energy professionals by offering document-based answers, voice-assisted meeting preparation, content generation, and expert interaction. It focuses on the latest in energy storage and policy information.

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