Streamline your email consumption and stay informed with SummrAIz – the efficient email summarization tool.

July 16, 2023



you can now receive a single email twice a week, containing condensed and concise summaries of multiple newsletters.

Highlight Features:

  • Email Summarization: It condenses multiple newsletters into a single email, providing you with concise and relevant summaries of the content.
  • Twice-a-Week Delivery: Stay up-to-date with the most recent newsletter content, as it delivers the summarized email to your inbox twice a week.
  • “Who, What, Why” Format: Enjoy information presented in a clear and straightforward manner, focusing on the essential “Who, What, Why” details.
  • Headline Skimming: Save time and effort by quickly scanning the headlines and essential information, skipping unnecessary fluff.
  • Source of Truth: Rest assured that the summaries are based solely on the content of the original newsletters, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Ideal Use:

  • Efficient Content Consumption: Perfect for individuals subscribed to multiple newsletters, seeking a more time-efficient way to consume the information.
  • Streamlined Inbox Management: Combat email overload and streamline your inbox management with the convenience of summarized newsletters.
  • Busy Professionals and Avid Readers: Stay informed even with limited time, as SummrAIz provides quick access to essential details without compromising comprehension.
  • Easy Skimming Option: Ideal for newsletter enthusiasts who want to test a tool that provides concise information and easy skimming options.


It offers a promising solution for those seeking to simplify the process of reading newsletters. By condensing multiple newsletters into a single email with concise summaries, It empowers users to stay informed without being overwhelmed by their inbox. With its user-centric approach and continuous improvement based on feedback, It aims to optimize the reading experience.

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