It analyzes medical research articles and extract crucial concepts.

November 15, 2023



It emerges as a research automation platform meticulously crafted to propel medical innovation. It analyzes publicly available medical research articles, extracting crucial concepts, and unveiling intricate causal and associative relationships.

Highlight Features:

Knowledge Graph Construction: SOMA meticulously organizes extracted information into a knowledge graph, providing researchers with a structured understanding of medical concepts.

Causal Chain Retrieval: Researchers can input specific pairs of concepts, and it retrieves relevant causal chains with customizable lengths.

Enhanced Literature Reviews: It elevates literature reviews by identifying articles relevant to specified cause-and-effect relationships.

Time-Efficient Research: It aims to save users up to 80% of the time typically spent on document pre-processing.

Ideal Use:

For Public Health Policy and Decision-Making: Public health officials can utilize SOMA to analyze research articles, identify causal relationships in health outcomes, and inform evidence-based policy decisions.

For Research Grant Proposal Preparation: Researchers can use AI to gather relevant evidence and insights from medical literature for grant proposals.

For Educational and Training Programs: Educational institutions can incorporate AI into research training programs to teach students advanced methods of literature analysis and knowledge extraction


Offering a 14-day free trial, it empowers researchers to revolutionize their approach to medical research by providing advanced insights and saving valuable time. For further information or to embark on the trial journey, visit their platform’s official website or connect with the dedicated SOMA team.

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