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Provide access to variety of AI chatbots in Telegram.

October 8, 2023


$ 10.0


It provides personalized advice and insights across a wide array of topics.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Chatbots: It grants users access to a range of AI-powered chatbots, each specialized in different domains.
  2. Cross-Platform Accessibility: It is accessible on a variety of devices, including iOS, Android, macOS.
  3. Voice Inputs in 60 Languages: Users can send voice inputs in over 60 languages, eliminating the need for typing.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Message Deletion: Solvemigo retains only the last 10 messages necessary for maintaining chat context, deleting older messages to safeguard user privacy.
  2. Data Deletion: Audio files, voice notes, and images generated for users are immediately deleted from AI’s servers.


Solvemigo is a versatile AI tool that simplifies access to a variety of AI-powered chatbots within the Telegram messaging app. Its wide array of features, cross-platform accessibility, and subscription options make.

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