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Embrace Sketch to unlock its power in simplifying pandas code writing and enhancing your data analysis workflows.

May 23, 2023



It leverages advanced approximation algorithms to summarize your data quickly and provide highly relevant code-writing suggestions.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Approximation Algorithms: It utilizes data sketches, which are compact summaries of your data, to feed information into language models.
  2. Easy to Use: Getting started with that is hassle-free. It can be used within seconds without the need to install any additional plugins or extensions.
  3. Improved Relevance of Suggestions: One of its standout features is its ability to comprehend the context of your data.
  4. Additional Context: It goes beyond basic code-writing suggestions. It also provides summarized information about the columns in your dataset and writes summary statistics as additional context.
  5. Future Improvements: It aims to integrate data sketches directly into custom “data + language” foundation models to achieve even more accurate and precise results.

Use Cases:

  1. Improving Code-Writing Efficiency and Accuracy: Pandas users can leverage it to streamline their code writing process.
  2. Streamlining Data Analysis and Manipulation: It simplifies and accelerates data analysis and manipulation tasks for pandas users.
  3. Enhancing Insights from Data: With its accurate and context-specific code-writing suggestions, pandas users can extract deeper insights from their data.


Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant designed specifically for pandas users. By leveraging efficient approximation algorithms and understanding the context of your data, It offers highly relevant code-writing suggestions, streamlining the code writing process for pandas users.

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