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Join the Open Beta and embrace the future of email communication with SimpleMail today.

July 16, 2023



It streamlines the email composition process, saving users valuable time and enhancing overall communication efficiency.

Highlight Features:

  1. Quick Email Composition: Say goodbye to time-consuming email writing. It generates complete emails in seconds based on a few bullet points, ensuring swift and efficient communication.
  2. Email Summarization: No more sifting through lengthy emails. It automatically summarizes extensive content into concise and easy-to-read notes, enabling quicker information processing.
  3. AI-Generated Email Replies: Responding to emails has never been easier. Its AI engine crafts relevant and appropriate email responses based on selected tones and received emails, facilitating seamless communication.
  4. Chrome Extension (Gmail): SimpleMail is currently available as a Chrome extension, catering to Gmail users with an integrated and user-friendly interface.

Ideal Use:

  1. Efficient Email Composition: Professionals seeking to simplify and accelerate their email writing process will find it to be an invaluable asset, saving time and boosting productivity.
  2. Email Summarization: Handling information overload becomes a breeze with its email summarization feature, transforming lengthy emails into easily digestible notes.
  3. AI-Generated Replies: Busy individuals and businesses can rely on its AI engine to generate appropriate and relevant email responses, enhancing communication efficiency and ensuring prompt replies.


It is the ultimate tool for individuals and businesses seeking to revolutionize their email communication. By leveraging AI-powered quick email composition, email summarization, and AI-generated email replies, SimpleMail streamlines workflows, saves time, and optimizes communication efficiency.

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