Rokoko Video

Rokoko Videos
Designed for animators and creators of all levels.

August 7, 2023


Rokoko Video

It is designed to empower animators and creators, irrespective of their skill level, to infuse life into their projects.

Key Features:

  1. AI Motion Capture Magic: It allows you to capture the subtle nuances of motion through pre-recorded videos or webcam recordings, breathing authenticity into your creations.
  2. Export Compatibility Brilliance: The tool lets you export your animation data in formats such as .fbx or .bvh, ensuring compatibility with major 3D software applications.
  3. A Gateway for All: With an intuitive interface that welcomes both beginners and professionals, it bridges the gap between aspiration and realization.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Realistic Character Animation: Rokoko Video becomes the conduit for breathing life into characters and creatures.
  2. Editing Perfection: Enhance your motion capture data to perfection. It’s Studio allows you to fine-tune, edit, and filter your captured motions, infusing your animations with a refined touch.
  3. Export with Ease: Your animations deserve to be showcased on the 3D stage. It’s Video makes exporting a breeze, ensuring that your creations seamlessly integrate into the leading 3D software applications.

In Conclusion:

Rokoko Video emerges as an animation maestro that transcends boundaries. By democratizing AI motion capture, it empowers creators of all backgrounds to embark on a journey of creative expression. Whether you’re a neophyte animator or a seasoned artist, AI Video is your gateway to breathing life into your projects.

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