Shortcut to Effortless Web Content Summaries

October 1, 2023



It stands out as an open-source browser extension designed to simplify the process of summarizing web content using ChatGPT.

Key Features

Smart Split and Summarization:

It features a smart split and summarization capability that utilizes advanced deep learning models. This functionality enables users to generate concise and informative summaries of specific portions of web content.

User-Friendly Browser Extension:

The Recap extension is easily accessible and user-friendly. Users can download it from the Google Chrome web store and add it to their browser with just a few clicks.

Highlight and Click for Instant Summary:

Once installed, users can highlight any portion of a webpage and click on the Recap icon to generate an instant summary.

Accurate Deep Learning Algorithms:

It’s deep learning algorithms are designed for high accuracy and reliability. Users can expect concise summaries that effectively capture the essential information from the selected text.

Ideal Uses

For Researchers:

Researchers can benefit from Recap efficient summarization capabilities to quickly review and extract key information from a variety of online sources.

For Students:

Students can use AI as a tool for summarizing and understanding complex academic materials, enhancing their study and research processes.

For Professionals:

Professionals in various industries can leverage AI to streamline the review of industry news, reports, and articles, ensuring that they stay informed and up-to-date.

For Content Creators:

Content creators can use AI to extract key points and insights from articles and blog posts, aiding in the research and ideation process for creating new content.


Recap emerges as a powerful and user-friendly browser extension that leverages ChatGPT for smart split and summarization of web content. Its accessibility, accuracy, and positive user feedback position it as a valuable tool for a diverse range of users looking to efficiently extract key information from online sources.

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