Assist in Learning, Teaching, Researching, Mind Mapping and more.

December 21, 2023


Qonqur is an innovative app that transforms digital interaction through the fusion of intuitive hand gesture control and advanced voice command integration.

Key Uses:

Presenting, Brainstorming, Learning, Teaching, Researching, Mind Mapping

Versatile Features:

Interactive Mind Mapping & Content Organization:

Create dynamic, interactive mind maps for seamless organization and connection of ideas. Ideal for brainstorming sessions, fostering creativity, and enhancing idea flow.

Presentations & Remote Learning:

Revolutionize presentations and educational sessions with gesture control and multimedia support. Engage your audience, whether in-person or virtually, with compelling, interactive content.

Voice Command & AI-Powered Summarization:

Boost productivity with voice-activated commands and AI features that can summarize articles and organize data. Qonqur serves as a digital research assistant, streamlining extensive research and academic work.

Collaborative Tool for Teamwork:

Foster collaboration with it’s intuitive interface, perfect for team projects and group brainstorming. Enhance group dynamics by simplifying the way team members interact with information.

Accessible & Innovative User Interface:

It’s innovative user interface is accessible to a broad audience, requiring only a simple webcam setup. It offers a practical choice for users at all technological levels.

Versatile Productivity Software:

Beyond specific use cases, it enhances productivity in various professional and educational scenarios. Whether you’re an educator, student, researcher, or professional, it offers a tech-forward approach to managing and presenting information.


Qonqur transcends being merely an app; it’s an immersive experience that blends technology, creativity, and efficiency. Tailored for those seeking cutting-edge solutions in presentations, learning, research, and brainstorming, Qonqur provides an accessible, user-friendly platform for the tech-savvy individual.

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