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AI help product managers streamline app development processes and enhance collaboration.

May 11, 2023


$ 5.0


It is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to empower product managers by streamlining app development processes and enhancing collaboration within teams.

Key Features:

  1. Automated User Story Generation: It leverages AI technology to automate the process of generating user stories.
  2. Free User Stories: QikPM provides a valuable resource by offering 50 free user stories per month. These user stories serve as a source of inspiration for product managers, helping them generate ideas and shape the product vision.
  3. History Feature: It includes a convenient history feature that allows users to save and easily view their previous user stories.

Use Cases:

  1. Product Managers: QikPM is specifically designed to cater to the needs of product managers. By using the tool, product managers can improve collaboration and streamline the app development process.
  2. App Development Teams: It enhances productivity and focuses app development teams on value-added work.
  3. Project Leads: It is a valuable resource for project leads who aim to save time and effort in generating user stories.


QikPM offers a valuable solution for product managers, app development teams, and project leads. By leveraging its AI-powered features, including automated user story generation, free user stories, and a history feature.

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