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Simplify infrastructure code by natural-language conversation-based interface.

October 30, 2023


Pulumi AI

It simplifies the process of generating Pulumi infrastructure-as-code programs through natural-language prompts in the user’s preferred programming language.

Key Features:

  1. Web-Based Interface: It offers a web-based version of the open-source AI project, providing users with a convenient platform for describing.
  2. Conversational Infrastructure Descriptions: Pulumi AI enabling them to describe the infrastructure they wish to create using conversational prompts.
  3. Modification and Customization: Users have the flexibility to make modifications to the generated code as needed.

Ideal Use:

  1. Developers: Developers who prefer conversational prompts and a simplified approach to infrastructure code generation will find Pulumi AI beneficial for quickly.
  2. Multi-Language Environments: It caters to users in diverse language environments by supporting multiple programming languages.
  3. Privacy-Conscious Users: Users concerned about privacy can opt to decline the use of cookies on the website to avoid tracking of their information.


Pulumi AI is an innovative tool that simplifies the generation of Pulumi infrastructure code by providing a natural-language conversation-based interface. With support for various programming languages and a web-based platform.

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