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AI designed to empower users in creating custom prompts for personalized experiences.

May 1, 2023



A powerful tool designed to empower users in creating custom prompts for personalized experiences. With its array of features and advantages, It revolutionizes the process of crafting prompts tailored to individual preferences.

Highlight Features:

  1. Custom Content Creation: It enables users to create prompts with tailored content by utilizing .jpg or .png URLs.
  2. Variety of Styles: The PrompBase offers a range of styles to choose from, including cartoon and high-quality photo options.
  3. Adjustable Settings: It provides users with comprehensive control over various settings to fine-tune their prompts. Users can customize lens type, lighting, shot type, aspect ratio, seed, chaos, stylize, and quality options.

Ideal Use Cases:

  1. Designers and Artists: This AI is an invaluable tool for designers and artists seeking to create personalized visuals with adjustable styles and settings.
  2. Content Creators: Content creators can greatly benefit from this AI by generating unique prompts for engaging experiences.
  3. Marketers and Advertisers: It offers marketers and advertisers the ability to craft tailored prompts for targeted campaigns.


PrompBase provides a user-friendly solution for creating custom prompts that deliver personalized experiences. With its ability to incorporate custom content, offer a variety of styles, and provide adjustable settings, it caters to the needs of designers, content creators, marketers, and advertisers.

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