Praktika AI

English learning Tool

Language learning app that takes English conversation skills to the next level.

May 9, 2023


$ 13

Praktika AI

The immersive language learning app that takes your English conversation skills to the next level. With our AI-powered avatars and advanced features, you can engage in interactive conversations and practice English in a fun and effective way.

Highlight Features:

Conversation practice:

It offers engaging conversations with AI avatars powered by Chat-GPT technology.

Real-time feedback:

Receive immediate feedback during and after your practice sessions to identify areas for improvement.

Extensive content:

With over 1000 lessons and a wide range of characters, It covers various topics, ensuring that you have ample opportunities to practice speaking English.

Progress tracking:

Visualize your language learning journey with our detailed curve that tracks your progress towards fluency.


Praktika is available on Android and iOS platforms, giving you the flexibility to learn on-the-go.

Ideal Use:


It is designed for a wide range of learners who want to improve their English language skills through interactive conversation practice.


Whether you are a language student looking for a fun and engaging way to practice speaking English, a busy professional seeking to enhance your communication skills at your own pace, or an individual looking to overcome language barriers and seize new opportunities.


Praktika offers an immersive and effective language learning experience with its AI-powered avatars and interactive conversations. With real-time feedback, extensive content, progress tracking, and convenient accessibility, It empowers learners to develop their English language skills and confidently navigate the world of English communication.

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