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PowerDMARC safeguard email domains from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

July 16, 2023


$ 8


It is a comprehensive service that addresses the critical issue of email security by preventing email spoofing and unauthorized use of domains.

Key Features:

  1. Protection Against Email Spoofing: It safeguards email domains from being spoofed or used without authorization, mitigating the risk of phishing attacks and unauthorized email activities.
  2. Email Message Authentication: The service authenticates email messages using SPF and DKIM protocols, ensuring that emails can be trusted and come from legitimate sources.
  3. Customizable Policies and Actions: Domain owners have the flexibility to set customizable policies and actions in response to failed email authentication attempts, allowing them to take appropriate measures based on their security needs.
  4. Reporting and Insights: It provides detailed reporting and insights on the email authentication status, enabling domain owners to monitor and analyze potential security threats and vulnerabilities.
  5. Free Trial Period: To experience the benefits of DMARC protection, It offers a 15-day free trial period, allowing organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of the service.

Use Cases:

  1. Enhancing Email Communication Security: Organizations and businesses seeking to enhance the security of their email communications can utilize PowerDMARC to protect their domains from email spoofing and phishing attacks.
  2. Domain Owners Concerned About Email Security: Domain owners who are concerned about the risks of email spoofing and unauthorized domain usage can benefit from its robust security features.
  3. Email Security Management for IT Administrators: IT administrators responsible for managing email security measures can implement it to fortify their organization’s email infrastructure.
  4. Enhanced Security Features for Email Service Providers: Email service providers can offer it as an added security feature to their customers, ensuring a safer email environment.


PowerDMARC offers domain owners a powerful and effective solution to combat email spoofing and enhance the security of their email communications using the DMARC protocol. Its comprehensive features and insights provide domain owners with the tools they need to safeguard their email domains from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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