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PolitePost helps you write polite, safe emails with AI assistance.

April 30, 2023



Assist users in quickly composing professional and workplace-appropriate emails. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it helps individuals maintain a polished image and convey professionalism in their digital correspondence.

  1. AI Email Refinement: It utilizes AI algorithms to clean and refine email drafts, ensuring that they are free from slang, expletives, or other unprofessional language. This feature helps users craft emails that are appropriate for the workplace and convey a professional tone.
  2. Browser Extension: The tool offers a convenient browser extension compatible with Google Chrome. It seamlessly integrates with popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and other websites, allowing users to access its functionalities directly within their preferred email interface.
  3. Easy to Use: PolitePost.net prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Users can write their email draft as they normally would and then click the ‘Fix my Email’ button. The tool instantly analyzes the content and provides suggestions to refine the email, making it more professional and appropriate for the workplace.
  4. Economical Pricing: Offers an affordable pricing structure, with costs averaging around $0.002 per email. This ensures that the tool is accessible and budget-friendly for both individual professionals and businesses.

Ideal Use

  1. Business Professionals: PolitePost.net is particularly useful for business professionals who strive to maintain a polished image in their email communication. It helps them refine their drafts, ensuring that their emails are appropriate, respectful, and convey professionalism.
  2. Remote Workers: With the rise of remote work, digital communication has become paramount. It aids remote workers in crafting well-crafted emails that uphold professionalism and create a positive impression, even without face-to-face interactions.
  3. Job Seekers: Job seekers can leverage PolitePost.net to make a strong impression during their job search. By using the tool to refine their email correspondence with potential employers, they can showcase their professionalism and increase their chances of standing out among other candidates.


It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking to write professional, workplace-appropriate emails. With its AI-powered email refinement, seamless browser integration, and affordability,  empowers users to maintain professionalism in their digital communication and make a positive impact in their professional interactions.

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