Art sketchpad help users create stunning digital art.

May 11, 2023




It is an AI-powered art sketchpad designed to help users create stunning digital art.

Highlight Features:

Intuitive Drawing Canvas:

It provides an intuitive drawing canvas where users can easily create art by dragging and releasing shapes to fill with color.

Wide Range of Options:

Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad offers a variety of AI-powered art techniques to enhance the artistic process.

User-Friendly Design:

It is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for artists, designers, and hobbyists to create stunning digital artwork.

Ideal Use:

Digital Artists:

It is an ideal tool for digital artists who want to create beautiful artwork using AI-powered techniques.


Designers can use Pinegraph | Magic Sketchpad to explore and experiment with AI-powered art techniques.


It is also suitable for hobbyists who are interested in the world of digital art creation. It provides an accessible platform for them to explore their artistic interests, try out different styles, and create impressive digital artwork.


Pinegraph is an AI-powered art sketchpad that offers an intuitive and accessible solution for creating stunning digital art. With its drag-and-release drawing canvas, wide range of AI-powered options, and user-friendly design, it caters to the needs of digital artists, designers, and hobbyists alike.

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