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AI is a UI wrapper that allows for easy experimentation with OpenAI's GPT models.

May 1, 2023



It offers a user-friendly UI wrapper that simplifies the process of experimenting with OpenAI’s GPT models. With its key features and advantages, it empowers users to easily adjust API parameters, design custom forms for AI content generation, and engage with various GPT models

Highlight Features:

  1. Dynamic Prompt Experimentation: It allows users to experiment with dynamic prompts by easily adjusting API parameters.
  2. Custom AI Content Generator Forms: Users can design their own “AI content generator” forms within Perpend. This functionality provides flexibility in creating personalized input forms for generating AI-generated content.
  3. Support for Various GPT Models: It supports a wide range of GPT models, including GPT-4. Users can seamlessly interact with different models, leveraging the unique capabilities of each version to enhance their AI experimentation.
  4. Streamlined Experimentation: The intuitive user interface and simplified controls allow users to focus on exploring the capabilities of GPT models without the need for complex technical implementations.

Ideal Use:

  1. AI Researchers and Developers: It is an invaluable tool for AI researchers and developers who aim to explore the potential of GPT models.
  2. Content Creators and Marketers: For content creators and marketers, Perpend offers an efficient solution for generating AI-driven content.
  3. Educators and Students: It can be utilized by educators and students to enhance learning experiences and conduct AI-related projects.


Perpend simplifies the process of experimenting with OpenAI’s GPT models by providing a user-friendly UI wrapper. With features such as dynamic prompt experimentation, customizable AI content generator forms, and support for various GPT models, it empowers users to streamline AI experimentation and design AI-generated content more effectively.

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