It empowers businesses to map skills, plan personalized career paths, promote talent and more.

August 3, 2023



It emerges as a comprehensive AI-powered platform for skill and career management, designed to empower businesses in effectively managing their human capital.

Key Features

AI-Powered Skill Mapping:

This feature provides businesses with a real-time visualization of the skills possessed by employees, enabling them to identify skill gaps and target training and development efforts effectively.

Job Position and Skills Mapping:

The platform excels in mapping job positions and associated skills. By extracting skills from job descriptions and assessing their mastery levels, Palm enables businesses to catalog all skills within the organization efficiently.

Career Path Planning:

It identifies potential career advancements and alternative career paths for employees, considering both horizontal and vertical transitions.

Internal Opportunity Presentation:

Employees can easily access information about internal projects, job vacancies, and mentoring discussions, ensuring that growth and development opportunities are visible to all.

People Review at Scale:

The platform offers a customizable 9-box grid for talent positioning and suggests relevant training, development opportunities, and projects tailored to individual needs.

Ideal Uses

For Corporate Enterprises:

Corporate enterprises can leverage Palm for comprehensive skill mapping, career path planning, and talent management.

For Tech Companies:

Technology-driven companies can benefit from it’s ability to map technical skills, identify talent, and promote talent mobility. This is particularly valuable in the dynamic and skill-intensive tech industry.

For Professional Services:

Professional services firms can use Palm to effectively manage the skills of their workforce, identify opportunities for career advancement.

For Manufacturing and Industry:

Manufacturing and industrial sectors can optimize skill management and talent mobility with AI.

For Healthcare Organizations:

Healthcare organizations can utilize AI for skill mapping in diverse medical and administrative roles.


Palm stands out as a robust AI-powered platform addressing crucial aspects of skill and career management within organizations. By leveraging AI algorithms, it empowers businesses to map skills, analyze skill gaps, plan personalized career paths, promote talent mobility, and enhance employee engagement.

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