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Generates AI Art in 10 seconds based on a text prompt.

December 18, 2023

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Open Journey Bot

It is a robust Discord bot that brings the world of AI art generation to your fingertips for free.

Multiple Model Options:

Choose from a variety of models to generate distinct variations of images.

Ongoing model additions to enhance and expand the user experience continuously.

Selecting Models:

Use the /imagine command to select your desired model and input your text prompt.

Openjourney bot will swiftly generate an image tailored to your prompt in under 10 seconds.

Cooldown Mechanism:

To optimize resource usage and prevent system abuse, it implements a 60-second cooldown.

Users are allotted 200 tokens per month, allowing image generation every 60 seconds.

Bot Currency – Bits:

Bits, the bot’s token currency, can be used to create images.

Each user receives 200 free bits monthly. Additional tokens can be obtained through donations, with pricing options available on the bot.

Patreon supporters enjoy extra benefits and tokens.

AI Algorithm and Prodia Inc:

Openjourney’s AI algorithm leverages its extensive training in image creation to deliver unique images tailored to your specifications.

Prodia Inc, an API service with over 10,000 GPUs, serves as the backbone for AI-powered image generation, ensuring unparalleled capacity for diverse application requirements.


Explore the limitless possibilities of AI art with Openjourney, the Discord bot designed to unleash creativity effortlessly. From selecting models to generating images, Openjourney offers a seamless and engaging experience. Join the community, receive free bits, and dive into the world of AI artistry. Let Openjourney be your creative companion in the digital realm.

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