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Naming Magic

naming magic

Streamline the process of naming a company and finding the perfect domain.

June 16, 2023


Naming Magic

It is an innovative AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of naming a company and finding an appropriate domain. It boasts several key features and advantages, including:

  1. GPT-3 technology: Harnessing the power of advanced natural language processing, Naming Magic generates creative and captivating company name suggestions based on user input.
  2. User-friendly interface: With Naming Magic, it’s easy to input product descriptions and keywords, allowing the AI to generate relevant and tailored name suggestions that resonate with the user’s business.
  3. Entrepreneur-focused: Naming Magic is specifically designed to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs who are seeking to brainstorm unique and memorable company names that align with their brand vision and goals.


  1. Startup founders who are in search of distinctive and fitting company names that will make their brand stand out in the market.
  2. Entrepreneurs who aim to secure an appropriate and memorable domain name that complements their business and enhances their online presence.
  3. Business consultants who assist clients in the crucial tasks of naming and branding, leveraging Naming Magic to provide creative and effective solutions.

Created through a collaboration between Swift Ventures and OpenAI, Naming Magic offers a creative and efficient solution for company naming and domain selection, revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs approach the crucial task of establishing their brand identity.

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