Generate 4-minute AI compositions with up to 10 instruments.

May 21, 2023




It developed by OpenAI, is a powerful deep neural network that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate 4-minute musical compositions featuring up to 10 different instruments.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compositions: It combines styles from various genres, allowing it to generate compositions with influences ranging from country to classical Mozart to the iconic sounds of the Beatles.
  2. Advanced Technology: MuseNet is built upon the same large-scale transformer model as GPT-2, a highly advanced and successful language model.
  3. Chordwise Encoding: In order to create more accurate predictions, it employs a chordwise encoding approach.
  4. Customizable Generation: With AI, users have the ability to exercise greater control over the generated music. By utilizing composer and instrumentation tokens.

Ideal Uses:

  1. Musicians and Composers: MuseNet serves as an invaluable tool for musicians and composers who seek AI-generated inspiration for their new compositions.
  2. Educators: It offers educators a powerful resource to demonstrate the blending of musical styles and genres.
  3. Researchers: Researchers interested in the capabilities of AI-generated music can utilize AI to delve into the advancements and potential of this emerging field.


MuseNet, powered by OpenAI, presents a groundbreaking solution for AI-generated music composition. With its versatile compositions, advanced technology, chordwise encoding, and customizable generation.

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