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magic reach

Hyper-personalized icebreakers for faster email personalization & replies.

April 30, 2023


$ 49.0


This is  game-changing AI-powered outreach personalization and sales enablement tool. Designed to enhance cold outreach strategies, it leverages the power of artificial intelligence to deliver hyper-personalized icebreakers.

Highlight Features

  1. Time-saving Personalization: It significantly reduces the time spent on personalizing outreach emails. With its AI algorithms, It streamlines the personalization process, bringing it down from an average of 5 minutes to just 30 seconds per email.
  2. Seamless Integrations: Reach seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, optimizing your workflow and ensuring a smooth integration into your outreach processes.
  3. Data Aggregation: It quickly gathers relevant data for research and personalization purposes. It scours public sources and social media platforms to compile valuable insights about your prospects.

Ideal Use Cases:

  1. Sales Teams: It is an ideal tool for sales teams aiming to personalize outreach at scale without compromising on quality. By leveraging this AI-powered personalization, sales professionals can deliver highly tailored icebreakers and engage with their prospects in a meaningful way.
  2. Marketing Professionals: Whether it’s sending targeted campaigns, nurturing leads, or driving engagement, Reach AI algorithms enable marketing professionals to craft compelling and personalized emails that resonate with their audience
  3. Businesses Enhancing Cold Outreach: It empowers businesses to enhance their cold outreach effectiveness through AI-powered tools. By utilizing this AI hyper-personalized icebreakers, businesses can make a strong first impression, establish credibility, and generate meaningful conversations with their prospects.


Reach redefines cold outreach strategies by leveraging AI-powered personalization. With its time-saving features, seamless integrations, and data aggregation capabilities, it enables sales teams and marketing professionals to deliver highly personalized and engaging outreach messages.

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