Convert text to icons or images to automating tasks.

May 11, 2023



Magician for Figma

It is an AI-powered design tool that integrates seamlessly with AI, offering a range of creative features. From converting text to icons or images to automating tasks.

Highlight Features:

Magic Features:

It  provides a range of AI-powered features such as Text to Icon, Copywriting, Text to Image, Magic Icon, Magic Copy, Magic Image, and more.

Automator and Prototyper Tools:

With Magician for Figma, designers can accelerate their workflow by utilizing the Automator and Prototyper tools.

Public Beta Access:

Users can enjoy a 7-day free trial of AI, providing an opportunity to explore and experience its capabilities.

Ideal Use:

Figma Users:

Magician for Figma is specifically designed for AI users who want to enhance their design capabilities with AI-powered features.


It is an ideal solution for designers who seek to streamline their prototyping and task automation processes.

Teams and Individuals:

Teams and individuals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and enhancements in the design field can benefit from AI.


Magician for Figma is an AI-powered design tool that caters to AI users, providing them with creative and efficient features to enhance their design process. With its magic features, Automator and Prototyper tools, and accessible pricing options.

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