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Your AI-Powered Research Companion for Scientific Literature

June 15, 2023



It is an AI-powered research suite that helps users explore and comprehend scientific literature. Engage in chat-based interactions with a document collection and receive precise, well-cited responses to your queries.


  • Advanced Research Suite: Discover, research, and understand scientific literature with ease.
  • Interactive Chat Feature: Engage in conversational interactions with a curated collection of documents.
  • Credible and Cited Responses: Access accurate answers supported by citations from scientific papers.
  • Relevant Reference Generation: Receive a list of related references to expand your exploration.
  • Expanding Database: Explore a growing collection of approximately 200,000 papers across various subjects.
  • User-Driven Updates: Request specific journals or subjects to be added to the database.

Use Cases:

  • Research Support: Enhance your understanding and research capabilities in scientific literature.
  • Task Assistance: Receive guidance and support for tasks like writing abstracts or experiment procedures.
  • Conceptual Clarity: Gain insights and explanations to grasp complex scientific concepts.
  • Literature Exploration: Discover relevant open-access references for further exploration.

Experience the power of Lumina, an indispensable tool for researchers, scholars, students, and anyone involved in the exploration of scientific literature.

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