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Alleviate the power of an AI vs. AI Conversation Loop, where virtual minds collide and extraordinary dialogues unfold

June 16, 2023



It is an immersive experiment powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model, where you can ignite captivating conversations between two AI chatbots, John and Jane.

Highlight Features:

  • Context setting: Establish the conversation context, providing a framework for John and Jane to engage in dynamic exchanges.
  • Initial message triggering: Kickstart the conversation by sending the first message, and witness as AI generates the subsequent dialogue.
  • Timer functionality: Set a timer to control the duration of the chat, adding an element of time-bound intrigue to your AI-driven interactions.
  • Seamless chat termination: Halt the conversation effortlessly using the Stop Button or simply by refreshing the page, granting you full control over the AI interaction.
  • Conversation history export: Capture the entire chat history as a JSON file, preserving the essence of your AI-powered exchange.

Security Measures:

  • Local API Key storage: Rest assured, the API Key remains strictly stored on your browser, enabling interaction solely with OpenAI endpoints and avoiding transmission elsewhere.
  • Intentional response delay: To prevent API rate limits, deliberate delays are implemented, which may result in slightly slower AI responses.

Important Notice: Engage in this experimental journey responsibly, as it may consume your OpenAI credits if not vigilantly monitored.

Indulge in the boundless possibilities of LoopGPT, a fascinating endeavor that invites you to orchestrate conversations, unlock insights, and explore the intricate world of AI-driven dialogue.

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