Craft a stunning logo and a cohesive brand identity.

May 11, 2023


$ 20


It is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer businesses and individuals a seamless logo design experience.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Logo Design:

It’s cutting-edge AI technology ensures that users can create bespoke logos that perfectly align with their brand’s vision and style.

Customization Options:

Users have the freedom to personalize and tweak the logo designs, allowing them to achieve the ideal representation of their brand identity.

Comprehensive Brand Kit:

Users can develop a consistent brand identity by incorporating the logo, defining brand colors, and selecting suitable fonts.

300+ Templates:

Looka offers a diverse selection of industry-specific logo templates, making it easy for users to choose designs that resonate with their business’s niche.

Easy-to-Use Editor:

Beyond logo creation, it provides an intuitive editor, allowing users to effortlessly customize marketing materials and maintain brand consistency.

Use Cases:

Design a Custom Logo:

Businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage it’s AI assistance to create a custom logo that encapsulates their brand’s unique identity and values.

Cohesive Brand Identity:

With Looka’s Brand Kit, users can establish a consistent brand identity across various channels, fostering brand recognition and trust.

Branded Marketing Materials:

From business cards to social media profiles, it simplifies the process of customizing marketing materials to reflect the brand’s visual language.

Time-Saving Graphic Design:

By leveraging AI-driven features, users can save time and effort in the logo and graphic design process, ensuring efficient brand development.


Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence in crafting a stunning logo and a cohesive brand identity with Looka Logo Maker. This platform empowers businesses and individuals to create bespoke logos that truly represent their vision and style. Whether you are a new startup or an established brand, it’s AI-driven design process ensures that your business stands out from the competition with a compelling and visually appealing brand identity.

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