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Experience the simplicity and accessibility of Lobe and unlock the potential of custom machine learning models for various applications.

May 23, 2023



A user-friendly and free app designed to empower users to train custom machine learning models for various applications.

Key Features:

  1. Simplified Training Process: It simplifies the training process into three easy steps: collecting and labeling images, training the model, and using the trained model for your desired application.
  2. Automatic Architecture Selection: It leverages advanced algorithms to automatically select the optimal machine learning architecture for each project.
  3. No-Code Solution:It requires no coding or programming knowledge, making it accessible to individuals without technical backgrounds.
  4. Export Options: After training the model, lobe allows users to export their models to industry-standard formats.

Use Cases:

  1. Developers: It is a valuable tool for developers looking to integrate custom machine learning models into their applications.
  2. Businesses: Empowers businesses to leverage machine learning for specific use cases, such as image recognition, object detection, or sentiment analysis.
  3. Individuals and Learners: It is ideal for individuals interested in learning and experimenting with machine learning models.


Lobe is a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of training custom machine learning models. With its no-code solution, automatic architecture selection, and export options, It enables individuals, developers, and businesses to harness the power of machine learning without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

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