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AI designed to simplify the process of training machine learning (ML) models.

May 24, 2023



It is a user-friendly and free tool designed to simplify the process of training machine learning (ML) models.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Training Process: It streamlines the training process, making it accessible to users without a background in machine learning.
  2. Custom Training Data: Liner allows you to utilize your own training data, giving you control over the quality and relevance of the data used to train your ML models.
  3. Seamless Integration: Once your ML model is trained using AI, it provides you with an easy-to-integrate model that can be seamlessly incorporated into your applications or workflows.

Ideal Use:

  1. Non-Technical Users: Liner is an ideal tool for users who want to leverage the benefits of ML models but have limited coding experience or machine learning knowledge.
  2. Rapid Prototyping: For rapid prototyping or proof-of-concept development, it provides a convenient solution. It allows users to quickly train ML models using their own data, enabling them to test.
  3. ML Exploration: It serves as a stepping stone for users who are new to machine learning and want to explore its potential. By providing a user-friendly interface and automating the training process.


Liner is a user-friendly and free tool that enables easy training of ML models without coding or expertise in machine learning. It empowers non-technical users, facilitates rapid prototyping, and encourages exploration in the field of machine learning.

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