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Transform basic shapes into visually stunning designs.

April 28, 2023

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It offers a range of features to streamline brainstorming sessions, facilitate real-time collaboration, and transform basic shapes into visually stunning designs.

Highlight Features:

Online Whiteboard:

With it’s Online Whiteboard, users can unleash their creativity and ideas effortlessly. By simply typing on the whiteboard using the “/a” command, it instantly generates high-quality visual content that sparks inspiration for brainstorming sessions or productive collaborations.


It’s AI-driven collaboration capabilities facilitate smoother communication, enabling multiple users to contribute simultaneously and in real-time. This fosters a dynamic and productive collaborative environment.


Jeda AI’s AutoShape feature takes basic shapes to the next level by transforming them into beautiful hand-drawn style shapes.


Brainstorming and Productivity Sessions:

It is ideal for individuals and teams engaged in brainstorming sessions and productivity-driven work.

Real-time Collaboration:

It’s collaborative features are beneficial for teams working on projects or tasks that require real-time collaboration. Whether it’s a remote team spread across different locations or an in-person team, it’s AI-driven collaboration capabilities make it easier to work together seamlessly.

Visual Design and Graphics:

It’s AutoShape feature is a valuable tool for designers and creators. By automatically transforming basic shapes into visually stunning hand-drawn style shapes, it simplifies the design process and adds an artistic flair to graphics and visual content.

Summary: is a sleek and user-friendly visual AI Workspace that empowers collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Its features include the AI-powered Online Whiteboard, real-time collaboration capabilities, and the AutoShape feature.

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