Offering a no-code approach for biomarker discovery.

July 25, 2023


$ 6,597


It is specifically built to accelerate drug discovery processes while optimizing costs through the application of advanced technology.

Key Features:

  1. AutoML Biomarker Discovery: The platform automates the discovery of biomarkers based on specific research needs, streamlining the biomarker identification process.
  2. Support for Multiple Data Types: It parses and analyzes multi-omics data, including genomics, transcriptome, proteome, and more, making it versatile for diverse research objectives.
  3. No-Code Machine Learning: Researchers can leverage the power of machine learning without the need for coding expertise, democratizing biomarker discovery for a broader audience.
  4. Resourceful Support: JADBio offers comprehensive support materials, including case studies, webinars, and a glossary, ensuring a smooth user experience and facilitating knowledge acquisition.

Use Cases:

  1. Biomarker Identification: Researchers can effortlessly automate the identification of biomarkers for various research objectives, unlocking valuable insights in different domains.
  2. Treatment Response Studies: The platform facilitates a deeper understanding of patient responses to treatments, aiding in the development of personalized and targeted therapies.


JADBio  is a game-changing tool for researchers, offering a no-code approach and comprehensive support for biomarker discovery. Its ability to analyze diverse data types empowers researchers to make meaningful advancements in the field of biomarker research, ultimately leading to better treatments and improved patient outcomes.

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