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Academic Text Editor w/ Grammar Checks

April 30, 2023


$ 5

Isaac Editor

It is a leading AI-first text editor that has gained significant popularity among researchers and students in the academic community. With its robust features and advantages, it is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of academic writing, providing users with an efficient and productive writing experience.

Highlight Features:

  1. AI-Powered Grammar and Language Checker: It incorporates advanced AI technology to ensure accurate grammar and spelling in your academic writing.
  2. Built-in Citation Generator: Save time and effort by utilizing the built-in citation generator. Isaac Editor allows you to effortlessly add citations while writing, ensuring proper referencing and adherence to academic standards.
  3. Customizable Writing Environment: Tailor your writing experience according to your preferences with it’s customizable features.
  4. Collaboration and Sharing: Whether it’s working on group projects or receiving feedback from peers and mentors, the platform facilitates efficient collaboration and sharing.

Ideal Use:

It is particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers who are seeking to enhance their writing productivity and achieve better results in academic writing. The AI-powered grammar and language checker assists users in improving their language proficiency, ensuring clarity and accuracy in their academic papers.


Isaac Editor stands as an outstanding text editor that addresses the specific requirements of academic writing. With its AI-powered grammar and language checker, built-in citation generator, customizable writing environment, and collaboration capabilities, it offers a streamlined and efficient writing experience for students, researchers, and academics. Join the growing community of over 12,230 users and experience the convenience and quality that it brings to academic writing.

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