Craft lifelike and compelling characters for games.

May 9, 2023

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Inworld AI

Assist developers in crafting lifelike and compelling characters for games, virtual worlds, and digital experiences.

Highlight Features:

AI-Powered Characters:

It harnesses the potential of 20 machine learning and character AI models, allowing developers to infuse their characters with distinct personalities, memories, and emotional responses.

Easy Creation:

Developers can swiftly create intelligent characters within minutes and refine them using studio chat or in VR, streamlining the character development process.


It offers comprehensive packages optimized for widely-used game engines like Unity and Unreal, providing developers with a seamless and efficient integration experience.

Ideal Use:

Game Developers:

Inworld AI caters to game developers who strive to elevate their creations by integrating AI-powered characters, adding depth and authenticity to the gaming experience.

Virtual World Creators:

For virtual world creators, it presents a gateway to enhance user engagement through the incorporation of realistic and interactive characters.

Digital Experience Designers:

It is an invaluable tool for digital experience designers seeking to elevate their projects with natural and memorable AI characters, enriching the overall experience for users.


Inworld AI emerges as a game-changing platform, offering developers an unparalleled toolset to craft realistic, believable, and engaging characters for games, virtual worlds, and digital experiences. With its diverse AI-powered features and seamless integration into popular game engines, it unlocks a world of possibilities, transforming digital environments into immersive and captivating realms.

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