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Dissect instruments within music recording.

November 16, 2023

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The free-music-demixer

It is a state-of-the-art AI-powered music demixer, offering users the unique capability to dissect various instruments within a music recording.

Highlight Features:

Advanced AI Demixing Technology:

AI employs cutting-edge AI technology, specifically the Open-Unmix model with UMX-L pretrained weights.

Web-Based Accessibility:

As a web application, the demixer provides users with the convenience of accessing its powerful features from any internet-enabled device.

Free and Unlimited Usage:

A standout feature of the AI is its cost-free nature, allowing users to utilize its capabilities without any financial constraints.

Ideal Uses:

For Music Production and Remixing:

Music producers and remix artists can use the AI to extract individual stems (bass, drums, vocals, etc.) from existing songs, providing creative possibilities for remixing and reimagining tracks.

For Educational Purposes:

Students and enthusiasts studying audio engineering can use the demixer to understand the separation of different instruments in a mix, gaining insights into the technical aspects of music production.

For Karaoke Creation:

Users can create custom karaoke versions of songs by extracting the vocals and leaving behind instrumental tracks using the AI.

For Music Analysis and Study:

Music enthusiasts and analysts can use the tool to study the instrumentation of songs, gaining a deeper understanding of the composition and arrangement.


Powered by the Open-Unmix AI model with UMX-L pretrained weights, this tool conducts the demixing process locally in the user’s web browser, ensuring a secure and private experience. Notably, no data is stored or uploaded externally, safeguarding user privacy throughout the entire demixing operation.
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